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The Grand Temple Tour by Shi Hai Travel

Take one of the most popular tours in Siem Reap with the grand tour of Angkor. You’ll see some of the most amazing temples in Siem Reap including Banteay Srei, Preah Khan, and Neak Pean. The grand tour takes you away from the crowds at Angkor Wat to see some stunning examples of Khmer architecture.

One of our most popular tours!

On our Grand Temple tour, you will get to see the unique Banteay Srei temple. The name translates as the “Lady Temple” and it’s thought that woman carved the intricate sculptures at Banteay Srei. Moreover, Banteay Srei was the only temple which wasn’t built to the king, instead it was built by two consorts to the king.

Although Banteay Srei is located around 25 km north-east of Angkor Wat, it’s still a popular temple with tourists. The locals mark the significance of the temple with the names “precious gem” or the “jewel of Khmer art”.

We’ll also go to see Preah Khan temple which was built by King Jayavarman VII in the 12th century. It’s located to the west of the Jayatataka Baray (reservoir) to the northeast of the ancient city of Angkor Thom. It’s thought that more than 100,000 officials lived here with their servants.

Preah Khan was built on the site where Jayavarman VII defeated the Chams in 1191. Much like Ta Prohm temple, Preah Khan has been left to the elements and the jungle and vegetation is growing alongside the ruins.

Finally, we’ll finish the grand tour with a trip to Neak Pean temple. The name translates as “The Entwined Serpents” in English. The temple sits on a circular artificial island in Preah Khan Baray in the 12th century under King Jayavarman VII. It’s a stunning view, and one which is very popular among visitors.

After the conclusion of the tour, we’ll take you back to your hotel.

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